Winmau darts

Winmau is a British manufacturer of dartboards, darts, and other dart equipment. The brand has made its name over its long stay in the market. Established in 1945, Winmau darts have become a staple in many professional as well as recreational sites for a long time now. Their popularity and such a long stay in the business can be attributed to not just their history of manufacturing and selling dart equipment but also because of the quality standards they have maintained over the decades. Winmau darts equipment are used in every major tournament. The various darts and dartboards that Winmau produces are professionally created and designed. The performance they give is definitely value for money and something people across the world adore.

Winmau professional darts set

The Winmau professional darts set is a popular item by Winmau which features a dartboard, darts, and a high quality cabinet. The dartboard uses the new dynamic sector wiring system which is 50 per cent thinner than its previous versions. Also, it meets all specifications that a tournament approved dartboard needs to meet. The sisal base is consistent in construction and very dense and boasts of a very high quality and strong design. It has been designed for maximum play and for a consistent and long stay.

The Winmau darts are also quite a work and deserve every bit of appreciation they receive from a consistent and large fan following across the globe. Every player recognizes the importance of a well constructed flight in a dart. The mega standard flights that Winmau provides its customers with gives you a wonderful trajectory support and stabilization. The precision profile barrels, which are made of mostly Tungsten, make the whole act of playing and competing so simple and satisfying. The light yet tight grip provided by the barrel enables the player to have a better control of the dart and its trajectory. The nylon shafts form a very intuitive and natural link of the barrel with the flight for the final touch to the overall construct. The individual awesomeness of each part joins together to make the blend.

The Winmau graffiti darts form an artistic collection! They were developed and designed with the support from star graffiti artist from Europe – Carl Kenz. Each set is a work of art and features unique aesthetic design with no set being the same as the other. These are also 85 per cent Tungsten and represent a quality standard in the market. Winmau hi impact darts also form quite a unique collection. The barrels are made from 95 per cent Tungsten and are one of the best in the professional scene. The high end barrel design is what makes these darts so popular among players around the world. The Winmau assault darts, along with the others, are unique in their own way. These darts are wicked and have a beautiful atomized finish and boast of barrels made from 90 per cent pure Tungsten!

Choose Winmau, choose world class standards.

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