Widdy darts

Dart games are popular among a variety of people and have been a staple pastime in the lifestyle of Americans. In any dart game, a circular board called the dartboard is fixed on a wall and the players aim darts at its center (called the bulls eye). Different games can be developed based on the simple base of aiming at a dartboard. The traditional darts have steel tips and pierce through the front of dartboard to fix themselves. Recently, electronic dartboards have gained prominence and popularity and with them, soft tip darts have become more common in households and tournaments as well. A soft tip dart is lighter and safer to use. Its plastic tip is flexible and gets fixed on the tiny holes of the dartboard. Different people have different preferences when it comes to darts with many choosing one over the other in various situations. Widdy darts have created a name for themselves in the market and the very name “widdy” has become synonymous with the game of American darts. If you are looking for high quality steel tip darts then choosing those manufactured by Widdy is definitely one of the best choices out there.

Widdy darts are American style darts and are loved and adored for this very reason. These darts are very different from what English use and are specifically designed for American dartboards. They feature a classic design and each dart has three flights arranged in a triangular pattern. These make for a great flight and a stable trajectory for each time the dart is thrown. The darts have a steel tip which has been created especially with the paper dartboards in mind. Whenever you throw a Widdy dart, it slips through the board and fixes itself. These classic darts have stayed in the market and memories of many for decades now and people are still in love with their simplistic yet highly effective engineering.

Another unique thing about Widdy darts is the wooden barrel. Most darts have a Tungsten barrel but this company has taken a different turn altogether. Despite Tungsten being the more “preferred” material for the task, Widdy’s wooden barrel actually does a great job and the player can successfully aim the darts via a stable trajectory. Wood is a very light material, making these darts pretty easy to throw. Each classic dart is created with the same American spirit and is presented in all its old school goodness that never deteriorated.

Widdy darts for sale

If you have developed interest in these classic American style darts, you would be glad to know that you can easily find Widdy darts on sale on popular e-shopping websites.  Widdy darts are being sold by all main dart providers worldwide. Usually these classic darts are being sold in a set of 12 and you can also find the flights for them in three different colors – blue, white, and red. Each color is a part of the American flag and these darts with an American touch take the appearance to a whole new level.

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