Voks Darts

Darts is a popular sport and is played as a professional competitive one as well as for recreational purposes across the world. With so many brands populating the darts market, picking one can be hard unless you are experienced and tried a lot of them. An inexperienced player would look for advice from other professionals and read reviews to get a better idea and feel of what they need. Darts are very subjective and what one likes can be very different from what others prefer. Therefore, it is not easy to make a judgment about them. This Voks darts review will talk about the brand, its qualities and if you should invest in the available ranges or not.

Voks was established in the year of 1988 in USA and boasts of its game changing technology. The darts are made with the latest technology that results in well balanced darts with the weight being evenly distributed over the barrel. The flights are also usually very well made and enable the dart to fly over long distances without falling. Voks does not only sell whole darts but the various parts and accessories separately. The many signature darts by this company include the highly popular and well received EL-C darts model.

The Voks EL-C darts are premium darts which have been engineered very well. It offers some great features like a point that moves on impact which reduces bounce outs. Bounce out is a common problem that many dart players experience and Voks darts have made sure that you never feel it again with this range. The point of the EL-C dart can rotate freely which lets the flight move for closer grouping which enables the player to have a more accurate shot. The range offers darts that have tips of varying sizes – available from extra small to extra large, the darts cater to the needs of many players. The EL-C series is loved for its range, uniqueness, and premium quality.

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The Voks Helix darts are another story worth mentioning because of their premium quality and feature a unique mechanism. The barrel is loaded with spring and can be converted to a helix. When you upgrade your dart to Helix, you get many added benefits like no bounce outs. The spring loaded dart features a premium point that boasts of having the fewest bounce outs! Also, the point is movable and rotates too. Another added benefit of these Helix darts is that you can convert it to a soft tip dart as well. These darts are expensive but the quality and performance justifies it. If you are looking for premium darts with superior built and convertible parts, the Positron/Helix darts by Voks are the best choice from Voks.

Voks manufactures premium darts that are priced accordingly. So, if you are passionate enough about the sport and are not afraid to spend more for premium darts, choosing Voks darts is being considered a wise choice.

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