M3 darts

Darts are form the most important part of all major games based on the dartboard. As a professional when one is purchasing a set of darts, one needs to take care of numerous factors. The durability of darts is very important not just because any professional player would like to keep their darts for a longer period of time but durability also means that the darts will have a better grip and less wear and tear which will lead to a better game. Also, the weight distribution of the dart should be consistent so it takes a more stable flight. For any dart player who is enthusiastic about their sport, these things are very important. For those players, the M3 darts were designed and created by Empire Dart. Established in 1976, this company has been selling quality darts equipment ever since.

The original M3 darts are innovative and based on the patented M3 high technology and boast about being the slimmest premium class darts designed for the best lot of players. Quite different from the conventional darts, the barrel in M3 darts is equipped with an external thread for assembling the shafts and tips. Also, these darts are made of 90 per cent Tungsten which screams “premium quality”. With optimum mass distribution and a beautiful slim body, it provides the player with flight stabilization and a closer placement (which leads to better scoring).

Martin Adams M3 darts

Every darts player knows about the three time BDO world champion and three time World Masters champion – Martin Adams. An English professional darts player has a range of awards and titles dedicated to him. His success has inspired countless ambitious players around the world who move forth with dedication and strength they have learned from this world champion. Born in 1956, the professional darts player has led the team of England from year 1993 till 2013 which is the longest any player has held the role of a captain. He is a well respected player who stands to be a role model for numerous dart enthusiasts across the world because of his world class strategy, beautiful playing skills and overall success. The best way to get a better feel of his essence and ambitions is to get the Martin Adams M3 darts. These are the darts every professional player loves because these are the same darts Martin Adams himself plays with! Also lovingly called the Wolfie darts (taking from Martin’s nickname), these darts are defined by their premium build and lovely engineering. The M3 darts are known for their slim barrel which fits well in the palm. They are extremely fast and are attributed for a very high level of precision. Martin Adams’ version of the M3 darts is different from the classic M3 in some ways, one of them being the extra professional touch that has been added because of its association with the world champion. This also means that these darts cost a good price but it is all worth it.

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