Best lawn jarts for sale in 2019

Yard darts and jarts for sale

Have you ever wondered how to entertain your children? There is a perfect way to do it. Lawn jarts. It is a simple game which you can play in your backyard and is a perfect way to have fun. You maybe have heard about different lawn jarts for sale and got a bit confused. No worries, we are bringing all the necessary information about jarts available for sale online.

Great thing about jarts is that they require minimal physical ability to play it, so it can be played by people of every age. Yard darts game is played with four jarts and two rings. Each player gets two of them (yellow and red), so you can play in a team as well. Jarts are typically made from plastic with metal end and are about 30 cm long. they are similar to the ancient Roman plumbata.


Lawn jarts for sale

You can find two types of lawn jarts for sale online. Soft tip (rounded) and metal tip, but they are very rare because of safety awareness. For playing with children under 18 it is recommended to buy rounded yard darts. The best option for soft tipped jarts for sale is Maranda darts with safe tip design for kids. This product is at affordable price and is designed for 8+ years old children. In this set you get 4 jarts and 2 rings. Second choice is Triumph sports glow darts which have similar design as Maranda, except handle, which is extended for easier controlling of the throw. Those 2 are perfect choices for playing jarts with kids. If you want to play vintage lawn darts with your friends, our advice is to buy sharp tip type. Our top choice of metal tip lawn jarts is Garden Games Giant Garden Darts. Their jarts are 32 cm long with weighted end and metal tips so they won’t bounce off the surface as rounded darts for kids do. If you want you can buy Kingfisher’s Premium Giant Garden Darts with plastic tips, but be aware that plastic tips get broken easily and it will be very hard to replace them.

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Metal Jarts for sale are banned in USA

For awareness, inappropriate use of lawn darts could result with serious injuries. Some of them are head injuries, eye injuries and face injuries. More than 95% of injured were kids who played lawn darts without parents advisory. After one death case jarts were banned in USA. There is an opinion that it was not necessary. Statistic says that much more people get hurt by playing rugby and American football. Should we ban them also? Of course not. We just need to educate our kids to properly play them. There are also plastic vintage jarts for sale with weight end made for kids to avoid such cases.


Lawn darts rules

There are various rules but they are all simple. Goal of the game is to put jarts in one of the rings to score points. Jarts are thrown from 11 meters distance into plastic rings which are typically 40 cm wide. Red player make first throw. Color of players is determined by coin flip. After first turn is finished player who won previously makes the first throw. You can throw jart however you want as long as your feet stay behind circle. Jarts have to be embedded into the ground to score. Jarts which haven’t embedded are not counted and are called “dead jarts”. For player safety, jarts thrown cannot be moved until all jarts are thrown. This rule is applied because of several injuries reports during games, but lawn darts game is perfectly safe when you are playing it properly.


Scoring is simple. Jarts inside the ring bring you 3 points, while jarts which are closest to the ring and not more than 1 jart’s size away brings you 1 point. There are 10 ways of possible end results.


Winner of game is team who scores 21 point first with at least 2 points more than opposite team. Also, winner can be decided by “skunk” rule, this is only in one case, when one team outscore another with 11 points.

Be creative!

You can also play it with rules which you create. For example each jart into ring is worth one point.


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