Dartslive 100s electronic dart board review

DARTSLIVE 100S Electronic Dartboard

DARTSLIVE 100S is one of the best electronic dart boards available in the market today which gives state of the art dart game playing experience with its cool and unique features. Dartslive dartboard smart electronic game board is meant not only for the professional players, but also for anyone who wants to pass their leisure time or have a good time with friends at the bar or casino during the weekend night.

DARTSLIVE 100S is one hundred percent accurate dart board playing machinery which already is a huge hit in many bars and local casinos. It has a large regulation size target area of 15.5 inches. This large target area helps in throwing the darts easily onto the board and have a great overall experience. Dartslive dartboard is made up of plastic facings and contains numerous small holes in it. The darts which are used are soft tip darts which get struck inside the board. As soon as the darts hit the board, the computer senses it and gives accurate output of the area hit by the dart. This output is displayed in a large LCD screen which will let you see the current score, check out the order of players and game progress and as well will help you to efficiently make game strategy. The DARTSLIVE 100S dart board is packed in a nice box with an AC adapter in it. It also runs on batteries and may be run on four AA batteries. This unique feature is not available in many other electronic dart boards in the market. They also provide a feature of mounting the dart board in a dartslive 100s stand with the help of mounting screws provided. Dartslive dartboard is playable by 4 players and has a wide range of cool games like cut throat cricket, bull challenge, cricket count up, etc. It also comes with six free tungsten darts which is an added freebie.

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- Regulation size dart board area of 15.5 inches
- 6 free soft tip tungsten darts
- Runs either using A/C adapter or 4 AA batteries.
- Dynamic sound effects provide great gaming experience and includes sound volume lowering feature
- 100% accurate scoring
- Simultaneous game play by 4 players
- Manual operation.
- For professionals, the darts that came along free with the box will not be very pleasing.
- Only soft tip darts can be used
- Board does not register any shot made in the black portion of the board.