Bottelsen darts

When looking for the perfect darts, there is no way to get an accurate answer. With so many variables in play that affect the choice and preference of a player, it is difficult to choose one kind of dart over the numerous others present in the market. There are varieties of very different styles with each having unique features to it. Some darts have a very streamlined barrel that makes for a smooth and stable trajectory while some boast about their fancy flights. When you choose Bottelsen darts, you choose freedom of making and customizing your own darts. Yes, most of the darts by Bottelsen have movable parts and you can simply mix and match the various points and barrels and shafts and flights to make the one that suits you the best. These darts have been setting a standard in the industry for three decades and still continue to do so. Established in 1976, Bottelsen darts started becoming a staple in every professional’s collection of darts because of their superior performance and feel. In this Bottelsen darts review, we will cover some of the most popular lines under the brand name.

Bottelsen GT darts

These darts are special because they feature an amazing Bottelsen GT barrel and shaft styles which have especially been created for grip and performance. GT Hammer Head 90 per cent Tungsten darts have been desirable among professionals for 30 years. These premium darts have an appeal that no other company’s darts do. Bottelsen GT darts also come in a fixed point line of steel tip darts that are more affordable than others in the line but maintain the same throwing characteristics. In other words, choosing from GT series will only lead you to an experience to be remembered. They also come in a soft tip variation and follows the GT Hammer Head series in the fact that it also features the same premium body with a fixed soft tip. For soft tip dart enthusiasts who want to experience the power of the GT line, here is your chance.

Bottelsen Great White steel tip darts

When we are talking about Bottelsen darts, there is no way we cannot mention the Bottelsen Great White Steel Tip Darts. This brand of darts takes steel tip darts to a whole new level as they feature a barrel made from super alloy that is 90 per cent Tungsten while the tip made of steel represents the traditional game of American darts. The body of these darts is a beautiful, bright, and glittering white. Its aesthetic appearance has become a trademark and the darts themselves have become widely desired among players of varying levels.

These are not the only impressive lines under the Bottelsen brand – the Bottelsen Devastator darts deserve a respectful mention as well. Just like their name suggests, these darts have a devastating capability of reaching the aim on first throw if the player knows how to. After all, they are the devastators.

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