Black Widow darts

The name “black widow” arouses a feeling of fear and apprehension among many because of its symbolism of the highly venomous spider and her chilling acts of killing and eating her mate. The name suits the eponymous darts manufactured by Laser Darts because of their fierce nature. The black widow darts are powerful and fierce steel tip darts which have been in use for over 20 years in numerous professional settings. From the piercing laser tip to the “spider leg” shaft, the black widow darts beautifully exhibit innovation in each part.
The construction of these darts is unique and aesthetic. Let us start with its barrel because that is where the construction process begins. The barrel is made of high density Tungsten that screams power and flexibility. It is slightly front weighted because of which, it is highly accurate and stable. The Tungsten barrel is also coated with mixtures of titanium/tantalum nitride and carbide for durability. The “spider leg” shafts of black widow darts are anchored in an aluminum base and then covered in heat shrunk rubber. This enables a firm grip and the player can throw the dart without putting unnecessary effort. The “laser tips” or “laser points” are covered in a rough black oxide to increase friction which will prevent the gently thrown darts from falling out. As said above, these darts are pretty innovative.

Black Widow steel tip darts

These darts are popular and been in use for over two decades now and there is a good reason for it. They have maintained and raised their quality over the years of their stay and continue to be the leaders in the professional scene. The special “laser points” and “spider leg” shafts add to the beauty of the design and innovation of these wonderful objects. Extremely short and thin, they offer an unmatched accuracy and grip. For any passionate dart lover, these fierce and powerful steel tip darts are created with a professional and sporty edge. There are reasons why people fall in love with black widow darts and the very professional and meticulous build is a major one of them.
While Black Widow steel tip darts are extremely popular and professional, the soft tip players and competitors don’t need to lose heart!

Black Widow soft tip darts

These darts have become available for the soft tip dart enthusiasts who want to feel the glory of the Black Widow range. Yes, rejoice! The Black widow soft tip darts, just like their steel tipped counterparts, are premium products and come equipped with the same powerful and beautiful “spider leg” shafts. Similarly, it also features the black oxide coated tip for an enhanced friction and the innovative barrel. With the same power and fierceness, the soft tip dart players can enjoy as well.
In this black widow darts review, we talked about its major features and why its premium build is so respected in the market.

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