Best Electronic Arcade Dart Board Cabinets 2019

Arcade style dart board cabinets, also known as bar dart boards, darts machines or stand up dart boards,  are most likely first electronic dart boards you have ever seen in some bar or movies. Since ages of times, arcade darts boards were expensive and unaffordable for almost any living dart player enthusiast. That time is all gone and we have reviewed all available products on the market and have chosen 3 best dartboards out there, considering your needs, that soon could be yours.

Gold Standard/Shelti Eye 2 Commercial Grade Arcade Electronic Dart Board Cabinet Set


Gold Standard/Shelti Eye 2 Commercial Grade Bar Style Dart Board Cabinet Set

When it comes to the arcade electronic dartboards, there is something to feast your eyes upon. This electronic dartboard is widely used for league players all across the world. Reviewed quality piece gives you all the quality an electronic dartboard can bring you. Includes Tru-Score system, missed target sensor for outstanding accuracy will bring you reliable and highly visible overhead scoring and least bounce-outs you will ever experience. Can accommodate up to 4 players. Extremely high durability and easy to fold and transport and is optionally coin operated. So far it has no complaints from their lucky owners and most likely will never have.

The only downside for this product is the price. You can get an electronic arcade dartboard cabinet for few hundreds or go for excellence and pay few thousands. The decision is up to you!

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Arachnid Galaxy III Commercial Grade Arcade Electronic Dart Board Cabinet Set


 Arachnid Galaxy II Commercial Grade Arcade Electronic Dart Board Cabinet Set

If we continue high-end greatest quality electronic dartboard series then you definitely see one of most professional works out there. Arachnid Galaxy 3 is a real coin operated party animal for bars, leagues or great times at home. Includes 19-inch LCD full colour screen to have the greatest view on current game progress. Includes all favourite Cricket and 01 games out there. Illuminated target area from all sides, selectable bull feature, automatic player change, handicapping, downloadable standings and many more coming with quality and durability you can expect from Arachnid. In case you can name darts as your passion No. 1, this is the machine your heart has been thriving for ages.

There are none unsatisfied clients for this arcade electronic dart board machine and most likely never will. That means you can buy this with peace in your mind for of course appropriate price of few thousand.

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Arcade Style Cabinet set with Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dart Board

Bar Style darts machine set with Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Arcade Dart Board

When you come to a point your electronic dartboard needs some upgrading to something bigger, but do not want to spend much, here comes a great example. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800  is consider as one of the best dartboards out there and it is possible to get it with a cherry finish arcade style solid wood cabinet. Electronic dartboard set by itself has excellent features, tournament regulation size, is great at scoring, very accurate with very few missed darts. All that with a great looking cabinet with storage compartments and easy to read directions for assembly.

Down side – the dartboard cabinet itself is a bit flimsy. You maybe will need to use some glue to make it stick better and have it anchored to the wall for the additional support and it will be solid as rock. However you are getting top shelf dartboard with full size cabinet with plenty of storage for way better looks in your game for a steal price of just few hundreds. For even better deal you can check out previous model Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Arcade Electronic Dart Board with solid wood cabinet.

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