Best Darts To Buy In 2019 – Professionals Review Darts

Some of the best darts we ever used as kids were a set of wood/feather DECO’s that we were gifted from my grandfather. Well weighted on the tip and decently balanced they always hit the target with as much precision as our own skill allowed. There was always something exhilarating about slamming that little piece of wood home on the board. The darts market has evolved dramatically since we were kids. Different marketing strategies, fully developed engineering practices into the science of how darts work. It is definitely a different world these days as competition increases.

Before we go any further – This is the list of our most recommended darts you can get this year:

Darts NameTypeWeight (grams) 
Bottelsen GT III (Editor’s Choice)Soft Tip16/20
Target Darts Carrera TitaniumSoft Tip18
Bottelsen DevastatorsSoft Tip16/18
Bottelsen Hammer Head (Editor’s Choice)Steel Tip23/25/27
Black Widow DartsSteel Tip20/23/26/28
KO DartsSteel Tip24
King Cobra Strikes (Budget Choice)Steel Tip24


Ultimately purchasing darts comes down to personal preference. However, there are several key factors to consider before deciding. The biggest one, in our opinion, is your style of play. Are you just starting out? Or a pro looking for an edge on the competition. With the ever growing market of darts out there it’s hard for a consumer to decide. Follow this review and use it as a starting point to find what you are looking for. Some things to consider in purchasing darts are what weights you will use, the types of grips, price is a big factor as well. If you are planning on competing professionally you may consider spending that extra money to go the distance. On the other hand, if you are just a recreational player, cheaper darts would be the way to go. Another factor to take into account is what kind of tip you will need. Are you going to need steel or soft tip? Use this guide and review to help you make the decision easier on your style and wallet.


There are many types of darts on the market today. Deciding can be a challenge, but as long as you don’t allow yourself to become to overwhelmed and instead keep it simple in what to look for you will be just fine. The main Dart types can be broken down into four easy to decipher categories. Weights, grips, flights and shafts. We will briefly detail each category to make it easy to decide which are the greatest hard tip or the best soft tip darts to choose from.

  • Weights– These are exactly what you might think they are, weights on the dart that depending on how fast you throw and the location they are on the dart itself, (front loaded or back weighted) will help you be an expert in no time.
  • Grips– Knurling is the key for grip. Knurling is simply the grooving on the grip that depending on your style, allow you to hold the dart better for more accuracy.
  • Flights– Flights are the wings of the dart. They come in many sizes and styles. What to look for here is smooth or dimpled. Dimpled surfaces, help stabilize and slow the darts for example. Don’t overthink this too much, just pick one and try it. If it doesn’t work, try something else.
  • Shafts– Shafts come in different materials so that you can choose based on personal preference. Some types of shafts include Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Wood, and many more.


The following reviews are what we consider some of the best darts on the market today. Whether you are looking for Hard Tip, Soft Tip, or really cheap darts this review will help you be on your way to purchasing quality darts for a decent price.


Bottelsen Hammer Head Devastators Steel Tip Darts

Featuresbest hard tip darts on the market

  • Available in 23, 25, and 27 Grams
  • Coarse Knurled grip allows for greater accuracy
  • Tungsten Barrel for improved weight ratio
  • Spinning Shaft with O-Ring


  • Coarse knurl sticks to fingers and releases well allowing you to handle the dart easily and stick it to the board like a pro.
  • Movable points increase accuracy while avoiding deflecting from the board.
  • Tips are replaceable providing the threading is the same with the tips that you purchase to replace them with. Best bet is to refer to the manufacturer’s specifications to decide.
  • The package comes with three darts, six fins, and a case. A decent kit for new players and professionals alike.


  • Slightly higher on the price scale, still a great deal for what you get. Some of the best darts out there are fairly expensive. If you look at it from an investment standpoint, you are investing in a product that will not only increase your gameplay but last longer than some of the cheaper products out there.
  • Shafts only spin on impact, however, once you master spinning darts, it works wonders.


Black Widow Fixed Point Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Featuresbest cheap darts 2017 market soft tip

  • Fixed point
  • High-density tungsten
  • Front weighted
  • Spider leg shafts, which include high strength wires that are in an aluminum base covered with rubber to hold the flights securely.


  • Comes equipped with “Laser Point” tips. A rough coating on the tips is applied to increase the friction to prevent softly thrown darts from falling out. Great for newcomers to the game who haven’t mastered there throw yet.
  • Barrel is vapor coated in high heat furnaces that fuse the ingredients together to the tungsten barrel which allows for better grip and appearance.
  • Sleek design and weighted properly for excellent throwing experience.


  • High-quality darts means high prices and expensive repairs. However, when searching for the darts out there, you get what you pay for.
  • Only available in 20 and 26 grams for fixed point hard tip. If you are looking for something heavier or lighter, you could always try soft tip or movable points in this model as well.

KO Steel Tip Darts

Featuresdart reviews hard soft tip

  • 50 mm barrel length
  • 90 Tungsten
  • Comes with Hard plastic drop in case
  • 42 mm shaft length


  • Grooved knurl grip designed to train everyone to hold the dart the same way, every time. Consistency is the name of the game here. These grips are great for improving your consistency and allowing players to throw the same way each time with practice.
  • Includes a case to protect the flight’s shape, causing them to last longer. Only a few sets out there come with cases, which greatly improves the longevity of the product.
  • Well balanced darts that help beginners to experts alike in terms of accuracy and grip. Balance is everything in this game. You don’t want to throw a dart and have it wobbling the whole time it’s in the air. Imagine an arrow slicing through the air, if you want that perfect straight shot, balance is how you get that.


  • Only available in 24 grams, which for some may be a bit too heavy but overall a round number for getting that accuracy down.
  • The protective case is a little thrown together, just a piece of plastic that the darts slide into. However, it does exactly what it advertises.


Bottelsen GT III Soft Tip Darts

Featuresbest dart brands in the world market

  • 90% Tungsten
  • 2 Inches long
  • Smooth cut grip
  • Includes Metal case


  • Well balanced design allows the Bottelsen GT III to strike the board with accuracy and precision depending on the skill of the thrower. I hate throwing with house darts, half the time they are so worn out and not taken care of that they flail in the air and bounce off half the time. I would rather spend some money and get something that I now will do exactly what I want it to.
  • Deluxe “Croc” case brings style to the match. Imagine walking up to the line, opening up a fancy case while everyone is staring at you like you just stepped out of your personal jet with entourage in tow. A bit extravagant of an example, but the idea is still the same. Sometimes, the edge you need in a match is just a bit of style to get into the head of your opponent.
  • Includes GT brand screw in shafts that have O-rings. This is a pretty cool shaft design, it has a great logo, and an O-ring to prevent the shaft from backing out.


  • The Flights may come off on the Bottelsen GT III if not handled properly, key there is handled properly. Use the dart the way it was intended you won’t have an issue. Typically the way to avoid this issue would be to not handle the dart by the flights if you can avoid it at all, and to store them in a safe place when not in use.

Target Darts Carrera Titanium Black Soft Tip Darts

Featuresbest hard tip darts brands

  • Axial and Radial milled cuts
  • Pro grip shafts
  • Vision flights
  • Includes a lifetime Barrel guarantee


  • The Target Darts Carrera Titanium Black have a unique grip, where the cuts not only go vertically but horizontally too, which allows for an excellent grip. The grips are unique due to them being cut into the grip as opposed to extruding from the grip which could cause wear and tear. A great design, it also reduces drag on the dart, improving the shot.
  • Some of the best soft tip darts include Bi-directional grips. These darts are no exception. Bi-directional grips give you that extra strength in your throw.
  • Beautifully designed flights for great spin during flight. Style and design intertwined here to give you not only a functional flight that performs beyond expectations, but also something stylish to look at while you do it.


  • The Target Darts Carrera Titanium Black are weighted at 18 grams, which for soft tip darts is slightly lighter than one may want to get that balance down. Ultimately, though, each person has their own preferences to weight and style.

Bottelsen Devastators Black Steal Soft Tip Darts

Featuresbest darts

  • Anodized Aluminum Shafts
  • 90% Tungsten barrel
  • Available in 16, 18, and 20 Gram Weights
  • Coarse knurled barrels


  • These darts come with a deluxe “Croco” case to bring that style to the match.
  • Available in different weights which allows consumers to make a more educated decision based on their dart experience. I personally like having more than one option, and to be able to buy a kit that has the same components with different options as far as weights is a great selling point for me.
  • The coarse barrels on these darts keep the grip tight and the release fast, helping with more consistent matches. I have said it before and I will say it again, the grip is what makes the match. Grip allows you to get a good handle on the dart, and when the grip is coarse and not obtrusive, it helps dramatically with your game.


  • Over time the coating on the barrel may fade, due to oil from hands and other factors. Fortunately, if it does that will not affect the way these little beauties fly at all.



Reviewing many darts that does not make your pocket go dry as well as listening from fellow darts enthusiasts in the field, we finally got the winner of the cheap darts section.

King Cobra Strikes Darts

Featuresbest cheap darts for beginners

  • 24 Grams
  • Brass Barrels with Steel tips
  • Includes 3 48 mm and 3 short 35 mm shafts
  • Aluminum Shafts


  • Designed for pro and beginner players alike. I really enjoy this aspect of the product. Catering to different levels of players is a great way to increase loyalty and respect.
  • The brass knurled grip rings give the feel of a professional set at a discount price. Some people might think that brass is a bad choice for a grip, but in my experience, brass actually handles wear and tear very well, and due to the lightness of the material, it is a perfect choice for this type of dart.
  • Comes with a handy hard plastic case to keep the darts safe
  • Having two different length shafts is a great option to have for beginners who are just learning what is right for them. Options are always important for all dart players out there.


  • The points wear pretty quickly on these darts, however acquiring new points is easy and worth it for what you get with this kit.
  • These darts are fairly heavy, and require some getting used to. Once you do that, the sky’s the limit on what you can achieve.

Best Dart Brands

By looking over variety of available dart brands to the day, we have carefully reviewed which ones have an edge over others. Here are ten best darts brands (not in order) that you should consider when you choose your next darts set. If you want to read a deeper review of each brand, click on the links below.

Unicorn darts

Unicorn is one brand that people swear by because of its large selection of products. The darts by them are manufactured and engineered with a highly professional touch which varies in intensity of each product. Unicorn darts are unique in the way they are engineered. They are designed with great care given to numerous factors like the consistency of the mass throughout the dart.

Halex darts

Halex is a popular brand and a company known for its high quality dart equipment. The equipment is usually designed for recreational purposes and are not exactly meant for competitive purposes. From wonderful dartboards to equally pleasant darts, the various products that this company has been producing for over a decade. Their experience truly shines in the darts, dartboards, and accessories.

Widdy darts

Widdy darts are American style darts and are loved and adored for this very reason. Even the name Widdy is synonymous with the American game of darts. The darts are very different from what English use and are specifically designed for American dartboards. The classic wooden design tipped with the traditional steel point is old and still loved by many. To cater to the growing needs of people, the company has also started to release soft tip darts as well.

Black Widow darts

When talking about darts, it will be unfair to not mention the Black Widow darts by Laser Darts. The construction of these darts is unique and aesthetic. From the piercing laser tip to the “spider leg” shaft, the black widow darts beautifully exhibit innovation in each part. These darts are almost always suggested for professional player use who are passionate about their game. These premium darts make for an amazing gameplay and easy and stable shots.

Bottelsen darts

Bottelsen is one name which is always brought in a conversation about darts. Hate it or love it, they have stayed in business for thirty years and have successfully set the standards for the art of dart making and may be considered as one of best dart brands. They have become popular with many professional players who love the premium feel of the products this company produces. Yes, they are proudly expensive and have a fan following that blindly invests the money to buy their darts but they never fail to deliver. The GT shaft is a hit and the Bottelsen great white steel tip darts are also Bottelsen’s top shelf product. There are many players who claim that Bottelsen makes the greatest darts out there.

M3 darts

Now comes the time to discuss the M3 darts which are quite different from the conventional darts. The barrel in M3 darts is equipped with an external thread for assembling the shafts and tips. These darts are made of 90 per cent Tungsten and boast of an optimum mass distribution and a beautiful slim body. Their premium design enables the player to throw the dart over a stable trajectory and hit the bulls eye with more ease. Who are big fan of Martin Adams, M3 have contributed an exclusive model of darts for fans as well. The world champion’s, Martin Adams version of the M3 darts is different from the classic M3 in some ways, one of them being the extra professional touch.

Mccoy darts

Not everyone wants to spend their fortune on darts and some would like to get quality darts without poking holes in their pockets. For those people, Mccoy darts are perfect. Mccoy darts offer the player a quality they can appreciate at a price which is friendly and not over the top. There are many ranges under the Mccoy brand like Marksman Pro 90 per cent, Max, Sabergrip, Shark, Sniper, Stealth, and Thrust. The names are apt and describe very nicely the kind of products you will find in each range.

Voks darts

Voks does not only sell whole darts but the various parts and accessories separately. The many signature darts by this company include the highly popular and well received EL-C and the expensive but very powerful Helix collection. Voks darts are beautiful in a way that both novice and experts can appreciate.

Arachnid darts

Arachnid darts also deserve a mention here as they not only makes high end darts that one can throw easily and effectively, it also delivers the super popular electronic game of English Mark darts. You can have a wholesome experience with these darts, that’s for sure. Choosing Arachnid darts means you choose a set of darts which have been especially made for the electronic game but that does not limit you in any way because the darts work really well on their own.

Winmau darts

Winmau darts form another very popular brand of darts which are known for being used in many major tournaments. The Winmau graffiti darts collection is an artistic selection of beautifully designed darts which many players adore.

Best darts on the market

The best darts on the market are those which suit your playing strategy. Different people have varying opinions on what the greatest darts to buy are. While many people swear by the quality of Unicorn darts, which feature a vast and detailed selection, some like to stick to the classic American Widdy darts. All of them have their benefits and flaws. If you are looking to have one of the best pieces out there and still have one of the best looking darts, the choice is easy. The terrific Black Widow’s darts have got their name in the top of the shelf not without a reason.  By far, the most positive feedback have received Bottelsen darts. Even though the brand has received criticism and been accused of being overpriced, they offer some premium and solid darts in the Hammer Head range. They come in the steel tip as well as the soft tip variety. The steel tip is sharp and puts the traditional darts on the top while the plastic tip darts are for those who appreciate a safer game.

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Best darts for beginners

Beginners of any sport need advice and help from more professional players and to select the most suitable darts, you need to make sure that you are ready to learn. It is important that novice players do not invest too much money into their first darts as even though using high quality darts enhances the experience as well as the learning process, using a standard set of darts for your initial games is the best suggestion anyone can give. The best darts to buy for beginners would probably be Unicorn darts as they are inexpensive as well as high in quality. The Mccoy Stealth darts, for example, feature 90 per cent Tungsten barrel at an affordable price. Another great start would be to look at the inexpensive selections at Halex darts which are great value for money pieces. However, if you being serious at starting to play, top shelf darts is what you probably should be looking for as they can serve you a lifetime!

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Best soft tip darts on the market

Even though steel tip darts have been the traditional staple in the game of darts, soft tips have gained prominence because they are used with electronic dartboards and are also much safer. Soft tip darts have taken a very important place in many households where the game of darts is valued. The greatest darts to buy when it comes to the plastic tipped darts can be found again with Bottelsen. The Hammer Head series is an excellent collection which features not just powerful steel tip darts but also some pretty epic soft tip ones. The brilliant, flexible plastic that has been used to manufacture the tips makes for a great experience. You never hear Bottelsen customers complain about the tips of their darts bending or the dart itself falling out when it hits the board. Every best soft tip darts review will tell you that Bottelsen make premium soft tip darts.

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