We have spent over 40 hours researching and testing over 30 different electronic dart boards and have narrowed down the list to the 5 very best electronic dart boards on the market. By far the most highly evaluated and outstanding dartboard in almost all categories is Arachnid’s Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dart Board.  You can sleep tight with confidence that this dartboard will serve a lifetime and be full of fun surprises by years to come. For more information read our detailed reviews on all 5 best electronic dart boards you can find on sale below.

Electronic Dart Board Reviews

Electronic or electric dart board is considered the best and convenient way to play darts today. Electronic dart boards have built in scoreboard and handicap feature that helps to balance the game to play fair even with the best electronic dartboard players out there. Electronic boards can be found in different styles, colors and sizes besides 15.5 inch professional boards. By exploring the world of electronic dartboards you may have felt confused to find the right board. But do not worry, we have done all the work for you. The electronic dart boards we discuss are the best quality available and with the features you will absolutely adore.


Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dart Board

electronic dart board for sale cricket pro 800 review


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If you ask “what is the best electronic dart board to buy?” – Here is the answer. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard is the latest and most professional electronic dart board you can find on the market. Electronic dartboard contains a built in computer, includes ability to host 8 player scoring with 4 players simultaneously. Containing 7 cricket games, 39 other games and 179 playing options you can choose from to have many different styles of game when you want that extra diversity at parties. The board itself is tournament quality, with appropriate color and size of 15.5 inches. With micro think dividers to reduce bounce-outs as much as possible to increase the scoring potential and decreasing the time spent for dart search on the floor to the minimum. NylonToughTM segments improve durability and play ability and are considered the best in today’s market.  Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 comes with a mounting hardware, AC adapter, operating manual, 6 soft tip darts and extra tips. In addition to that it contains optional 3 level Heckler audio system, solo play and player handicap feature and many more. All of this ensured with 1 year warranty and satisfaction.

With all the key features you can have professional plays as well as consistent and fair games with family members. Even the smallest family members can play safely because of soft tip dart option. With this dartboard you can surely tell that you have the best electronic dartboard in existence. If this is not enough, Arachnid offers Arcade Style Cabinet with Cricket Pro 800 electronic dart board with beautiful cherry finish for a luxury accent for any room. In case you are looking for a small discount, you can consider buying previous model Arachnid Cricket Pro 750 Electronic Dartboard as well.

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- High quality and extremely durable
- Includes all possible features
- Allows soft and hard tip dart use
- Very low bounce rate
- Solid construction and easy installation
- Quite expensive
- Optional Heckler system is loud on even lowest level
- Solo play feature is high skill level even on novice level
- Included darts are low quality


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Arachnid Bullshooter CricketMaxx 5.0 Electronic Dart Board

Arachnid Bullshooter E-Bristle Cricketmaxx 5.0 Dart Board Cabinet Set For Sale

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The Bullshooter is consider as one of the top shelf electronic dart boards for sale not without a reason. This Arachnid electronic dartboard set comes with 13.5 inches of target area allowing to have 8 players scoring with 4 players playing simultaneously. Maple dartboard cabinet can hold up to 4 sets of darts on one side and have a bright, easy to read LED scoring display on another. The Bullshooter is a reliable party maniac with built in 37 game & 210 variation combination to keep you, your friends and kids busy for a hell of a lot time. As well it is offering solo game option for training your skills in electronic dart board world. In addition the unique heckler audio feature doubles the fun on top of it. Whole set comes with 6 steel tip & 6 soft tip darts and additional tips for increasing the mastery furthermore. With the elegant maple double doors this board can and will be an exquisite interior element for your gaming room.

Made to last – The Bullshooter is made from highly durable materials with a stylish finish that will make you love electronic dart boards even more each day on. Either that be a professional or friendly dartboard competition with friends or a fun evening with your children. You children will be safe with the soft-tip darts this dartboard offers. By getting hands on this one you can rest assure that it will be one of the best purchases you have ever made.

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- Good quality and highly durable
- Includes many game features
- Allows soft and hard tip dart use
- Easy to read LED display
- Comes with 2 sets of hard and soft tip darts
- Entertaining audio system
- Quite expensive
- Pretty high bounce rate especially with soft tip darts (prefer to use hard tip ones)
- In some cases board stops functioning at all, but it is easy to get a replacement
- Cabinet is not great quality


Viper Solar Blast Electronic Soft Tip Dart Board


Viper Solar Blast Electronic Soft Tip Dart Board For Sale


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The Viper Solar Blast electronic dart board set features a regulation size (15.5 inches) target are with 3 possible skill level modes for different level players. Made from high quality, target tested commercial grade nylon for long-lasting quality. The game has a built in 7 by 4 inch LED display that is easy to see from the throwing distance. This electric dart board set offers 43 games with another 163 options for your choice of dartboard game and allows to play with 16 players, 4 simultaneously. Excellent for any dart enthusiast or anyone who enjoys having quality time with their friends by enjoying electronic dart board games on Saturday nights.

This full size electronic dart board includes double in/out system, auto player change option, voice with three different volume levels, bounce out button, tournament spider and many more. It comes with AC/DC adapter, two sets of darts, extra tips and manual all ensured by one year warranty policy. Overall by choosing this electronic dart board there will not be much more you can wish from a dartboard with electronic elements.

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- Highly durable and good quality
- Includes many game features
- Easy to read LED display
- Great solo feature
- High bounce rate
- Allows only soft tip dart usage
- Sometimes segments stop working and it is hard to get a replacement


Arachnid Inter-Active 6000 Electronic Dart Board

Arachnid Inter-Active 6000 Electronic Dart Board Review


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Arachnid Inter-Active 6000 Electronic Dartboard is already widely field tested by many professional dart players. Standard tournament size electronic dartboard 15.5 inch target area, micro-think segment dividers to reduce bounce outs. Includes 5 cricket games, 27 other games with 123 different variations, allows up to 8 players with 2 simultaneously powered by two sets of X/O LED displays. Includes audio feature for more entertaining and easy game, optional Bullseye feature, solo play mode and many more. Comes with 6 soft tip darts, chance to choose between plug-in or battery setup, extra dart tips, game instructions and operating manual.

As this mid range electronic dartboard has been in the market for some time, it has received a lot of feedback from lucky owners. Many casual dartboard players and even professional ones have rated as the best electronic dart board at the time. It provides you with all the necessary features and long lasting design. In case you are not going after the newest models with additional features as 4 player option for simultaneous game and extra development gone through the years, this electronic dart board will suite you more than enough.

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- Good quality and very durable over time
- Great solo play feature
- Chance to choose between A/C or battery models
- Bright and easy to read scoreboard
- Loud audio feature
- Playable with only soft tip darts
- Some boards are reported electronic problems at first week and make it unplayable
- Darts included are low quality


Viper 777 Electronic Soft Tip Dart Board

Viper 777 Electronic Soft Tip Dart Board Review


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In case you are looking for cheap but good electronic dartboard, this may be the one you you are looking for. Viper 777 electronic dartboard set comes in regulation 15.5 inch target face. In differ to other electric dartboard sets it comes with 4 AA battery operated system that gives you more freedom on placement options, but requires constant shopping for batteries. Dartboard can accommodate up to 8 players and gives you 26 games with 115 different options to choose from. Electronic dart board includes double in, double out, double in/out, double bull and select-able bull game options. Comes with missed darts catch ring, concave segment holes, bounce button and ultra thin spider. All ensured with 1 year warranty.

Overall this electronic dartboard have all the required features, but have some small disadvantages. If you consider playing every day, this dartboard may have some technical issues. At some cases the segments have stopped working, LCD screen is not bullet proof at all. In case you are looking for electronic steel tip dart board, this may be not your best pick. However, if you are alright with using soft tip darts, this is a quality piece if we look from the low price end. If you are not looking to play professional electronic dartboard this may be your best pick.

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- Inexpensive
- Good quality and quite durable
- Accurate scoreboard
- Easy to read LED display
- Terrible darts included with board
- AC adapter is not included, but can work on batteries
- Over time some segments stop working
- Scoreboard cover is easy breakable
- Bounce out rate is fairly high
- In some cases electronics fail

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